Friday, September 12, 2008


The only sounds I could hear for the last few days are the showers of the Rain Gods on trees, plants, and roof tops. Everything was drenched in rain.

Sitting in a cane chair in the veranda and sipping hot coffee, I felt the marble floor so freezing that I dragged my legs onto the chair and snuggled myself.
I watched the rainwater slide from the roof tiles onto the ground and hastily flow towards the drain. There little Minu was sending paper boats. In the fields at a distance, Velu was busy grazing his cattle. Rain or shine, the man never crosses his time-table I thought. At the other end of the veranda, grandfather was sitting in a chair spreading his thin bare legs on the floor. Clad just in a simple white lungi and nothing else, I wondered how he beats the chill at this age.

Getting up from the chair, after finishing the coffee, I wore my chappals and took an umbrella into the rain. Walking towards the fields I found the flowers, buds, and leaves dropped to ground unable to bear the weight of rainwater. Coconuts fell down losing their mighty grip. Banana plants bent aside unable to stand in loose soil.
And walking on the loose, wet, clayey soil, Ouch!... I slipped a bit loosing my grip.


T and S said... must be having a real chilled out time out there

Shades said...

I could really feel the rain..!

Barbara Martin said...

Such a beautiful place you live in.

I came via Sandpiper and will stay to browse awhile in your exotic setting.

Ash said...

I agree with Shades. The rain can actually be felt :-)

ശ്രീനാഥ്‌ | അഹം said...


its the common font, MatWeb.

Find it here:

ശ്രീ said...


sateesh bandi said...

Hi Sekhar,
i could easily get where it was taken. But they are beautiful photos. Hats off to u and to ur cam.
And very good rhymatic usage.


Ifthikhar said...

Nice Shots!....

ശ്രീനാഥ്‌ | അഹം said...

and your blog is added to my Favs list.


pts said...

വളരെ നന്നായിരിക്കുന്നു!

Sekhar said...

Thanks a lot T&S, Shades, Barbara Martin, Ash, Sreenath, Shree, Sateesh, Ifthikhar, and PTS for drenching me in these cool comments :)

Sreenath, thanks.

Sateesh, Hi :)

Solitude said...

I miss those days... :(

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