Monday, September 22, 2008


There are things of which I may not speak;
There are dreams that cannot die;
There are thoughts that make the strong heart weak,
And bring a pallor into the cheek,
And a mist before the eye.
And the words of that fatal song
Come over me like a chill:
"A boy's will is the wind's will,
And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts."

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, My Lost Youth


Barbara Martin said...

Those particular words of Longfellow fit well with the photo of the boy.

ശ്രീനാഥ്‌ | അഹം said...

ഹൗ... വരികള്‍ കടിച്ചിട്ട്‌ പൊട്ടുന്നില്ല. എഴുതിയ ആളുടെ പേരും.

പിന്നെ ഫോട്ടോ നന്നായി. ഗ്രേ സ്കെയില്‍ ആക്കിയപ്പോ ഒന്നൂടെ നന്നായി.

T and S said...

The boy sure is innocence personified. Nice

Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു said...

a good one .

Netra said...

Nice pic and a nice poem :)
Thanks for visiting my blog.


Maddy said...

Beauuuuuuuuuutiful Sekar.

Seemu said...

Hello Sekhar... thanks for the visit to my blog :) You have a wonderful blog yourself too! You can be sure I'll visit :)

Anonymous said...

The last three blogs I have visited are all in India and this one and those two before you represent some of the best and most imaginative photography I have seen since 2005 when I began blogging. Your work is really nice to see.

pts said...

വളരെ നന്നായിരിക്കുന്നു!

Sekhar said...

Thanks a lot Barbara, Sreenath, T&S, Kichu & Chinnu, Netra, Maddy, Seemu, Abraham, & PTS for stopping by & appreciating :)

Gopan | ഗോപന്‍ said...


Brilliant Capture and fantastic lines..Well done.!

Many thanks for visiting my blog.

Kind Regards

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Ansel Adams


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