Sunday, September 28, 2008


Curious about '123'? Know it here.


T and S said...

Comparing this to 123 agreement is stretching it a bit too did however make me laugh

Sekhar said...

Sorry. Edited the post slightly :)

നരിക്കുന്നൻ said...

nice shots

Barbara Martin said...

Thank you for posting about this agreement. Information is always food for thought.

Shades said...


grameenam(photoblog) said...

Hai Shekhar
I went through the photographs.
Concentrate more in framing or more clearly I will say cropping.
The Butterfly capture would be more attactive if you crop down the image.And show only the best in a series.Good luck..keep posting.
(Remove the word varification in comments)

pts said...


Sekhar said...

Thanks a lot T&S, Narikunn, Barbara Martin, Shades, Grameenam, & PTS for coming here :)

Also Grameenam, thank you so much for the suggestions.

Mel said...

Clever post, I like the pictures leading you to the subject.

sUniL said...

like the 3rd pic!

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Ansel Adams


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