Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Money Plant

It seems to me that we all look at nature too much, and live with her too little.
-Oscar Wilde
During my childhood days, the money plant always fascinated me with its brilliant shades of green. A friend of mine has the plant in his backyard planted in a long-necked bottle with water.

Once while coming back from school, I found it growing wild by the road side. I picked up a small one and brought it home carefully. And planted it just as my friend did. I was happy seeing it grow for the next few days. But alas it stopped growing after that. The nice shades of green slowly turned pale yellow.

I was jealous seeing my friends plant that grew lush and happily climbed the kitchen grills. And as to my plant, it died a slow death, the reason I don't know why.

Today we have a few money plants that grew wild and happy in a silent corner of our compound wall.
Wikipedia - Epipremnum aureum
The Hindu - Get rich with money plant


Laurie O'Neil said...

Sekhar nice to see you have some Money plants again with you.. :-) Very nice quote also...

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Beautiful picture and I like the quote by Wilde, too. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Gopan (ഗോപന്‍) said...

Nice one Sekhar, enjoyed the quote as well. :)

Sekhar said...

Thanks a lot Laurie, Lin, & Gopu for the comments :)

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Ansel Adams


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