Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monsoon Magic

I'm singing in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again.

Singin' In The Rain


monsoon-dreams said...

wow!i too am happy that monsoon is rained for a few days and stopped.the climate is hot again.hope monsoon will come in all its glory sooooooooooooooooon.rain is energizing,but the clouds are u too think so?

pRiyA said...

Wow! What a pic man!

ശ്രീനാഥ്‌ | അഹം said...

ശേഖരണ്ണാ, ഇതോണ്ടൊന്നും മതിയാവൂലാ... മണ്‍സൂണ്‍ പടംസ് നല്ല പൊളപ്പന്‍ ആയിട്ട് ഇനീം പോരണം.

bindu said...

There's nothing like the monsoon in India!

T and S said...

Beautiful image with a striking composition, its kind of a comeback image Sekhar...haven't seen you around in a while. I hope everything is okay.

Ash said...

Ah! The Indian monsoons!

pRiyA said...

hi shekar,
i finally have large pics on my breakfast blog. (thanks to t and s for the code).
check it out here:

Mel said...

That is a very beautiful sky, nicely captured.
Take care!

Barbara Martin said...

Beautiful sky with the developing clouds.

Sekhar said...

Thanks Monsoon Dreams, Priya, Sreenath, Bindu, Thoma, Ash, Mel,& Barbara for the comments.

@Thomas, everything is fine man :)

sateesh bandi said...

This is Good. Welcome Monsoon !!

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