Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ordinary Post

"People would crowd in front of the Post Office when the mail arrived, hoping for letters or money orders from children and relatives. Abraham would open the postbag and sort out and arrange the letters. He would then hand over a locked, sealed leather bag to the Post Master. By the time the Post Master verified the number of money orders and the cash to be paid out, Abraham would have the letters stamped and read. He would then take the money orders from the Post Master, stamp them and call out the names one after another."
-V.K. Madhavan Kutty, The village before time.


trishna said...

in my school days i used to write letters to my friend who migrated to UK. we communicated for almost 1ten years through letters. i still have those letters.

Sekhar said...

thank you Trishna for sharing those beautiful memories of your life. me too had the same experience with a friend of mine. but today we use the postal service only for sending greeting cards on special occasions.

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