Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sounds Good

Today it was a feeble Christmas song on the FM that woke me up. A day before it was an Ayyappa song. The local fm stations have been airing some beautiful devotionals these eventful days. And father was all up early in the morning to play them on the fm.

The fm stations these days have sprouted like mushrooms. Even television channels started to produce their own fm stations. And everywhere I go, whether its a supermarket, grocery store, hotel, salon, trains, railway reservation counters, I can hear a fm playing. Even people are listening it on their mobile phones. My sister a couple of years ago bought her new mobile phone (a Nokia 6030). When I asked why she opted for it, she simply said it can play fm.

A few years ago during my school days when there were hardly any fm stations in India, I frequently tuned the fm to find if anything was playing there. But all I could hear was an empty cooing sound. But today its a different scene alltogether.
Now its also the time of Internet Radio's And here too there are lots of free radio stations. But Martini in the Morning is the thing I hear now.

Cool Med Radio - another good internet radio.
Radio Tower - for more internet radio stations.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Scenes that were haunting me for the last few days. The scenes of ill-fated hotels, gunshots, commandos, army, policemen, reporters, terrorists, and overall our slip of the tongue politicians.

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